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HPM OSCAR iControl System Replacement Brisbane & Gold Coast

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As you may be aware the iControl system only uses a figure 8 cable. Most systems require a different cable type to function however or smart lighting system can be installed stressed free using the Oscar iControl lighting cable. Most electricians are not aware of the different options to be able to replace the iControl system in Brisbane or the Gold Coast.

Our team is highly specialist in lighting control system and automation so replacing your system will be a walk in the park. Not only will you feel comfortable knowing the job has been installed well, you can rest easy and know that our teams are all qualified and skilled in the lighting control area.


The Oscar iControl system was originally designed by HPM for smart lighting control over a bus network many years ago. It was a great system that was ahead of its time in term of functionality. It has been a very common lighting control system in Australia and up until the early 2000s it was a discontinued product. Legrand had acquired but without any further help from the parent company HPM no longer exist and with that said there is no longer any support for the Oscar iControl system in the Gold Coast or Brisbane Area

We have been replacing the HPM iControl OSCAR Paelex smart lighting systems very regularly in the Gold Coast and Brisbane area, we can save you time and money with less hassle. From start to finish our team completely understands how the old system and cabling work and make it easy to replace the iControl system without and unknown or unwanted issues. Our process is simple which can save you money on less meetings and less time for the installation to be completed. When it comes to replacing your system be sure to know that our knowledge and experience is some of our teams greatest strengths.
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When you hire our team to replace your HPM iControl Oscar PAELEX lighting system you can be sure that your home is in the right hands, all questions answered truthfully and with confidence.

Don't risk using an untrained contractor in the field of smart home wiring and installations

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